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The 85 Funniest Tweets Of All Time. Each year we tweet nearly 200 billion times. These are the only 85 that matter. by Tanner Greenring. BuzzFeed Staff. 1. Twitter: @dril. 2. Cohen is. While the Presidency and even Democracy hangs in the balance, we know one thing for sure, that the internet is terrible and caused all of this. Social media. BackTweets enables you to search through an archive of old tweets and find tweets that link back to your site New top tweets added daily. Follow @fun_tweets for updates. home random collections Follow @fun_tweets for daily funny updates. Follow @fun_tweets. Dec 18 2020 Retweet @ TomiObaro Whenever I see someone trying to parallel park I avert my eyes and continue walking giving them the privacy they need because I'm a decent human bein

Delete tweets from your Twitter feed in bulk to protect your privacy or make a fresh start TweetDeck is your personal browser for staying in touch with what's happening now View all tweets from any Twitter user on one page. Fast, Free and Easy. Great for viewing, searching and archiving old tweets All 30,000+ of Trump's tweets, instantly searchable. Trump Twitter Archive V2 is available now at www.thetrumparchive.com.In a few days, this site will automatically redirect to the new site Introduction. With Tall Tweets for Google Slides, you can convert any presentation into an animated GIF and share it on Twitter! You can also tweet individual slides of a deck and a high-resolution image of the slide will be embedded in your tweet

When you sign up for Twitter, your Tweets are public by default; anyone can view and interact with your Tweets. Should you choose to protect your Tweets, you can do so through your account settings. Learn more protecting your Tweets How to unprotect your Tweets. To unprotect your Tweets, follow the above instructions: For web, uncheck the box next to Protect my Tweets.For the Twitter for iOS and Twitter for Android apps, uncheck the slider or box next to Protect your Tweets.; Be sure to review your pending follower requests before making your Tweets public

President Donald Trump is running both a personal and an official Twitter account as leader of the United States. Here's the context behind his tweets With all this nastiness in Washington, we thought it might be nice to switch gears and focus on some nastiness in Hollywood. From time to time, we like to sh.. Returns tweets by users located within a given radius of the given latitude/longitude. The location is preferentially taking from the Geotagging API, but will fall back to their Twitter profile. The parameter value is specified by latitude,longitude,radius , where radius units must be specified as either mi (miles) or km (kilometers) You can start your Twitter account with a clean slate without losing your followers. Web-based tools like TwitWipe, Cardigan, TweetDelete, and Delete All Tweets can permanently delete the last 3,200 tweets in your Twitter account at..

This list of most-retweeted tweets contains the top 30 tweets with the most retweets (an account's tweet that is sent again by additional accounts without any change) of all time on the social networking platform Twitter; Twitter does not provide an official list but news and mainstream media make lists. As of November 2020, the top tweet has over 4.3 million retweets and was tweeted by. Visible Tweets is a visualisation of Twitter messages designed for display in public spaces. If you'd like to see it in action you'll need to enable Flash. Click on the ( i ) next to the URL at the top of your browser and allow Flash on this site Wyoming's Josh Allen, a contender to be the NFL's No. 1 overall draft pick, may know exactly how Villanova's Donte DiVincenzo felt when old, embarrassing tweets resurfaced.. DiVincenzo's.

Navigate to the Creatives > Tweets tab. Here you can view and create Promoted-only, scheduled, organic, or all Tweets in your campaigns. To view your scheduled Tweets, toggle the drop-down button that says Promoted-only Tweets and change it to Scheduled Tweets. You will now see all Tweets that are currently scheduled This list contains the top 30 tweets with the most likes on the social networking platform Twitter; Twitter does not provide an official list but news and mainstream media make lists. As of December 2020, the most liked tweet has over 7 million likes and was tweeted from the account of American actor Chadwick Boseman announcing his death from cancer A lot of tweets that go viral claim that amassing retweets will cause some actual good in the real world. So it was with this tweet, which said the dog food company Pedigree would provide a meal. Promoted Tweets will display on select profiles that fit the targeting credentials configured for a campaign. Official Twitter clients. Promoted Tweets from our advertising partners may also be displayed through Twitter's official desktop and mobile clients, including Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android

Non è possibile visualizzare una descrizione perché il sito non lo consente Measure engagement and learn how to make your Tweets more successful. Followers. Explore the interests, locations, and demographics of your followers. Twitter Cards. Track how your Twitter Cards drive clicks, app installs, and Retweets. Here's how to get Twitter Analytics How many tweets are sent per second, minute, day, month, and year? Twitter statistics with live counter showing estimated current tweets in real time. Current and historical numbers, growth rates, and curious facts. Charts, infographics, data, and interesting info Donald Trump's 10 Most Offensive Tweets Some may say Trump's actions on Twitter are akin to cyberbullying. Donna Clark Love, a bullying expert, weighed in: The people who tend to be bullies.

Twittimer is the easiest free tool to help manage your social media. Schedule your tweets, facebook/linkedin posts and they are sent out automatically. Post on multiple accounts simultaneously Twitter influencer discovery tool with keyword search, filters and much more TwitLonger will never post anything to your account without your knowledge and never follows, unfollows, changes or does anything else with your account.. So why are you asking to be able to do that? Twitter offers three levels of permission: Read; Read and Write; Read, Write and Direct Messag Create Hilarious tweets and Fool your friends. You can make fake tweets in any creative way you like. Upload profile picture, select username, write message, change date and many more cool settings. Start using our Tweet Generator for Free! Create Tweet

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  1. Resurfaced old tweets allegedly posted by actor Hartley Sawyer prior to joining The CW series The Flash have resulted in him being fired
  2. ute, 500 million tweets per day and around 200 billion tweets per year. It is suggested the number of Tweets per day reached a peak in August 2014 with 661 million. That 30-day sampling period included the World Cup final
  3. Find the best information and most relevant links on all topics related toThis domain may be for sale
  4. How to Search Tweets from a Specific User. This wikiHow teaches you how to search for tweets from a specific Twitter user. The easiest way to do this is to use Twitter's Advanced Search form—although if you're using a phone or tablet,..
  5. Thankfully you have a couple options available to you. If it was a hot topic, somebody on Twitter probably took a screenshot of the deleted tweet before it was deleted—then tweets it out themselves with their own comments. This often happens when.
  6. delete-tweets. This is a simple script that helps you delete tweets (or just replies or retweets) from your timeline. There are quite a few third-party services that allow you to delete tweets, but these very likely will not allow you to delete tweets beyond the infamous 3,200 tweet limit.. Prerequisite
  7. This dataset includes CSV files that contain IDs and sentiment scores of the tweets related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The tweets have been collected by an on-going project deployed at https://live.rlamsal.com.np. The model monitors the real-time Twitter feed for coronavirus-related tweets using 90+ different keywords and hashtags that are commonly used while referencing the pandemic

With Tweets by Beat, you can follow or view a Twitter feed of police dispatches in each of Seattle's 51 police beats, and find out about the flashing lights and sirens on your block. In order to protect crime victims, officers, and the integrity of investigations, calls will display one hour after a dispatcher sends the call to an officer Twitter enables users to specify a location for individual Tweets. PowerTrack offers multiple ways to filter for Tweets by Tweet-specific location data through its various operators (see our documentation for Twitter PowerTrack Operators for details). Tweet-specific location information falls into two general categories

What followed was a barrage of personal attacks, outrage and boasting, in a near-constant stream of more than 11,000 tweets over 33 months. At the beginning of his presidency, Mr. Trump tweeted. Delete old tweets in one go with Twitter Archive Eraser —well beyond the 3200 limit. We help you clean up your Twitter profile —while keeping your account, followers, and best performing tweets

Deleting multiple Tweets from your Twitter account can be a cumbersome experience so we created this App in 2006. To get started using this app, you will need to first authenticate our app to access your Twitter account. The authentication process takes seconds and starts as follows Unfortunately, Twitter only displays your last 3200 tweets in your timeline, so if you're anything like me (I've been on Twitter since May 2009 and have well over 40,000 tweets), that won't cut it. Here are the two easiest ways to find your oldest tweets, including your first tweet Scheduling your tweets is a game changer. You can give your audience a consistent stream of content without having to manually send tweets at odd hours of the day (or night).. Scheduling is a perfect complement to your social media calendar where you're creating tweets days or weeks in advance.. Also, it can help you avoid missing a post on a particularly hectic work day This also changes @POTUS tweets and allows it to work on Quote Tweets. We created a browser extension that converts Donald Trump's Tweets into the crayon scribbles of a child. Enjoy ⚪️Can't wait for tomorrow to play with your support. ⚽Ready and set for the first of many finals awaiting us until the end of the season

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There are nearly endless combinations of filters you can use to find the exact tweets you need. Twitter's advanced search filters are relatively easy to use, but that wasn't always the case Many people are calling out Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling for a series of anti-trans tweets on Saturday afternoon. Rowling's latest controversy began when she commented on a Follow 'Tweets' to see all tweets from an account. Follow 'Tweets with Links' to follow only tweets from this account that link out to articles, videos, pictures, or any other type of external content. This lets you skip any tweets without external content. Choosing 'Tweets with Links' is great because Tweets Searchは、話題のツイートや流行、炎上情報を検索するサイトです

I Promoted Tweets mantengono le funzionalità di un tweet normale, inclusa la possibilità di rispondere, ritwittare e aggiungere il tweet ai preferiti. Nella pagina dei risultati della ricerca viene mostrato un solo Promoted Tweet # Looking for Tweets that are not Retweets from @sandboxpark, # a phrase sea turtles or a hashtag #seaturtleweek. Returned data includes # the original conversation Tweet ID, publicly shown metrics and annotated # context from Twitter's own machine learning models Trump's tweets are considered part of the presidential record, which federal law says must be preserved. His deleted posts are alarming experts and prompting grassroots archival efforts

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How can I get tweets containing only keywords I mentioned independent of position, like I tried stream.filter(track=[good,bank,@NYC]), I used these keywords in the code but sometimes I am getting tweets containing either 1,2 or 3 of them together. I want to get tweets containing 3 of these keywords, independent of the position Reading all the tweets takes you ten thousand eternal years. That's enough time to watch all of human history unfold, from the invention of writing to the present, with each day lasting as long as it takes for the bird to wear down a mountain. 140 characters may not seem like a lot, but we will never run out of things to say. Prev; Nex Politwoops Explore the Tweets They Didn't Want You to See. Originally published by The Sunlight Foundation.Updated regularly. Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office Twitter threads (aka tweetstorms), where someone posts a series of related Tweets one after the other, sit in a weird place: everyone claims to hate them, but lots of people post them anyway. Twitter has recently embraced the feature, integrating them into the platform and making them easier to do right. Here's how to use them Overall, this includes 628 tweets from iPhone, and 762 tweets from Android. One consideration is what time of day the tweets occur, which we'd expect to be a signature of their user. Here we can certainly spot a difference

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Embedded Tweets and Tweets viewed by people not logged into Twitter may still appear without a label. Serving the public conversation remains our overarching mission, and we'll keep working to build tools and offer context so that people can find credible and authentic information on Twitter Twitter (pronunciación AFI [ˈtwɪtər]) [5] es un servicio de microblogueo, con sede en San Francisco, California, EE. UU., con filiales en San Antonio y Boston (Massachusetts) en Estados Unidos.Twitter, Inc. fue creado originalmente en California, pero está bajo la jurisdicción de Delaware desde 2007. [6] Desde que Jack Dorsey lo creó en marzo de 2006, y lo lanzó en julio del mismo año. Twitter [ˈ t w ɪ t ɚ] [2] (litt. « gazouillis » en anglais) est un réseau social de microblogage géré par l'entreprise Twitter Inc. Il permet à un utilisateur d'envoyer gratuitement de brefs messages, appelés tweets, sur internet, par messagerie instantanée ou par SMS.Ces messages sont limités à 280 caractères (140 caractères jusqu'en novembre 2017)

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  1. The backlash against Ms. Rowling's tweets was swift, with users calling out her comments as being anti-transgender people. One user wrote on Twitter : I decided not to kill myself because I.
  2. Twitter was fined €450,000 ($548,000) by an Irish regulator on Tuesday, after a bug in its Android app caused some users' protected tweets to be made public. The fine represents the first.
  3. You found tweets.com, so will your customers. It's a great label for your website and will help you define your identity on the Web
  4. ders - tweet re
  5. The tweets are numbered and are sent in a reverse arrangement such that they can be read from top-to-down inside any Twitter client. Alternatively, you may choose to publish your long tweet as an image and in that case, the entire text gets published in a single tweet

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Users Tweets Top User Tweets First Tweet; Tetun: 31: 15399: fundasaunmahein: 4570: saritamoreira: Arrernte : 4: 728: Amanda467: 543: Bunbajee: Aragonés: 207: 239116. Twitter confirmed to CBS News that over 1.7 million tweets included the hashtag #MeToo, with 85 countries that had at least 1,000 #MeToo tweets The summer has flown by and Mactweets was on vacation. We are back now as the summer wanes and the days turn cooler (or warmer, depending upon where you live). The fruits on market stalls metamorphose, peaches and cherries fade into apples and pears, plums in a tumult of size and color, purple and red, yellow and green, defy the calendar and keep the pumpkins at bay

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Favstar started in May 2009, and in it's early years was a huge hit with people new to Twitter, up-and-coming comedians, tech folk, reporters, celebrities, and people looking for a quick route to the best tweets. You could visit Favstar, and almost be guaranteed a laugh, whatever your sense of humor Advancing the human experience through product, service, and organization design. We are frog, a global design & innovation consultancy We. We bought him away. In the White House, the Mighty White House, the liar tweets tonight in the West Wing, the self obsessed with the liar tweets tonight. He says doctors hush reporters hush science nerds look my ratings are through the roof when I just say happy birthday. Everybody. Everyone can get a test. It's just the flu Billie Tweets is a Twitter tribute to Michael Jackson and his hit song Billie Jean. The music video is currently loading.... When you see the video, click play and then sit back & enjoy

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  1. r/Political_Tweets: This sub is designed to pictures of birds that look like political figures, or political figures with bald eagles
  2. Make noise with your tweets ! Our service allows you to find all the tweets that contain a specific term or phrase - be it a person, a domain name, or any phrase in general. Just enter the intended key phrase as your search query and press Search!
  3. Offers expert kids and family advice and tips

18 Tweets For Anyone Who Is Celebrating Kamala Harris So Hard Right Now You don't know what this means to me and every single Black girl out there. Anything is possible He followed those tweets by claiming Americans should live with COVID as they do the flu, and used the comparison to argue against closing down the country

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Tweets Imprimir Detalles Escrito por Super User Categoría: twitter. Visto: 2 Tweets by JJ52350797. Está aquí: Inicio. Twitter. Tweets Latest Articles. Tweets Huelga Caravana Link Plataformas Historia_Temporales Login Form. Usuario. Contraseña Recuérdeme. Identificarse. Get our BEST updates delivered to your inbox. Join my email list and get my favorite content , FREE books, news of new releases, and more! Unsubscribe anytime RT korfball: #1WeekToGo for the IKF U19 WORLD #KOR. 12 April 201 Tweets - Benessere Vero, il vero te, al tuo meglio [...]Read Mor 34.6m Followers, 348 Following, 521 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from @harrystyle

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  1. Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without images. Source: Buffer. In an analysis of over 1 million articles, BuzzSumo found that articles with an image once every 75-100 words received double the social media shares as articles with fewer images
  2. Sean & Catherine Lowe - Fan Forum - Tweets - Facebook - Discussion Thread #57. bachandbachettefans.net :: Completed Shows - Archived - Other Locked or Inactive Forums :: Bachelor USA - Archived :: Bachelor USA - Archived :: Sean & Catherine Lowe - Fan Forum - Twitter - Facebook
  3. Fun Tweets / A collection of funny tweets, updated dail
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